Current and former Research Interests:

Bioinformatics, Physical and Mathematical Biology:

  • Modeling of tissue formation and regeneration processes
  • Modeling of tumor growth
  • Individual-based models (deformable Brownian-particle approaches, cellular automata)
  • Evolutionary optimization in multicellular systems
  • Reconstruction and modeling of gene regulation networks
  • Tissue folding and early animal development
  • Sequence Alignment

.For further information see page of Research Group "Multi-cellular Systems"


Selected Publications:

  Block, M., Schoell, E. and Drasdo, D. (2007)
Classifying the growth kinetics and surface dynamics in growing cell populations.
Phys. Rev. Lett. (accepted)

  Hoehme, S., Hengstler J.G., Brulport M., Schäfer M., Bauer A., Gebhardt R. and Drasdo D. (2007)
Mathematical modelling of liver regeneration after intoxication with CCl4
Chemico-Biological Interaction, 168, 74-93
  Missal, K., Cross, M., Drasdo, D. (2006)
Reverse engineering of gene regulatory networks for incomplete expression data: Transcriptional control of haemopoietic commitment.
Bioinformatics, 22(6): 731-738.
  Drasdo, D. and Höhme, S. (2005)
A single-cell-based model of tumor growth in vitro: monolayers and spheroids.
Phys. Biol. 2 133-147.

  Galle, J., Loeffler, M. and Drasdo, D. (2005)
Modelling the effect of deregulated proliferation and apoptosis on the growth dynamics of epithelial cell populations in vitro. Biophys. J. 88, 62-75.

  Drasdo, D. and Hoehme, S.: Individual-based approaches to birth and death in avascular tumors.
Math. and Comp. Modelling 37, 1163-1175 (2003).


Drasdo, D., Hwa, T., Laessig, M. (2000)
Scaling Laws and Similarity Detection in Sequence Alignment with Gaps.
J. Comp. Biol. 7 (1-2):115-41.

  Drasdo, D. and Forgacs, G.: Modeling generic and genetic interactions in Cleavage, Blastulation and Gastrulation.
Dev. Dyn. 219 (2) 182 - 191 (2000).
  Drasdo, D.: Buckling Instabilities in One-Layered Growing Tissues.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 84, 4424 - 4427 (2000).
  Drasdo, D., Kree, R., McCaskill, J.S.: A Monte Carlo Model to tissue cell populations.
Phys. Rev. E 52 (6) 6635-6657 (1995).


Curriculum vitae:

  • 1994 Postdoc at the Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysical Chemistry Göttingen


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